If you want to learn about the basics of Christianity, if you are a seeker of God or a new Christian, the program “Christian Foundations” will help you understand what Christianity is and what it means to be a Christian. It can also be a good tool for training new church members.


If you are a lay teacher in a Sunday school, lead a prayer group in your church or help with an Alpha course, do evangelism or want to learn how to share your faith with others, then the Theology and Ministry program will help you to get solid foundations of the Christian faith, theology and ministry practices. In two years of study you will grow in your learning skills and your character; you will get knowledge about the Bible and practical ministry so that you can become more effective in your ministry in the church, or you will be more equipped to start a ministry at your church.


Most Christians often work a “regular” job (not connected with church ministry) in a non-Christian environment. The Word of God encourages us to “preach the word; be ready in season and out of season” (2 Tim 4:2).  However, many of us are not sure how to do that. Therefore, the program Christianity, Work and Society can help Christians sharpen their understanding of how to be a good Christian witness in their workplace. If you choose to study in this program, you will be better equipped to understand workplace dynamics, and how Christ fits in that.


Letter to Galatians urges us to “bear one another’s burdens” (6:2). It often involves spiritual burdens. Besides just spending time with a person and giving a listening ear, it is essential to acquire certain skills so that it would be possible to help others. The program Introduction to Church Counseling will give a basic understanding of what it means to be a Christian counselor where Christ is in the center. The participants will acquire some basic counseling principles, how to reach out and help others in the Body of Christ.


Are you an ordained pastor and had training in homiletics? Or are you just feeling God’s call on your life to become a preacher of God’s Word? Our School of Preachers will help you learn, sharpen your preaching skills, and provide a safe learning environment. During the two years of study you will learn homiletics, do a lot of practical assignments and grow in fellowship with other preachers of the Word of God across different denominations in Latvia.