At the Very Beginning

The building, which became home to the Latvian Biblical Centre, is a historical building with an interesting history full of twists and turns of the 20th century. The purpose of this building, prior to William Fetler acquiring it in the 1920s, is shrouded in history. The real story begins with this incredible Latvian-born evangelist.

The next historic phase for the building started in 1940 when the Soviet troops entered Latvia, forcing the country to lose its independence and statehood. The Soviets permanently closed the nearby Salvation Temple Church, and the building got transformed into a typical block of Soviet flats. This building, at different times, became home to a Baptist theologian Iosif Vladimirovich Chekalov’s and Andrey Mikhailovich Petrov’s family. As the years went by, the building suffered from lack of care and gradually decayed, ultimately becoming a dilapidated structure by the end of 1990s in need of major repairs.

Restoring the Building

The Miracle in the Making