Type of training:
  • Classroom and video lectures
  • Presentations
  • Handouts
  • Mentoring
  • Church Ministry
Program is suitable for:
  • This program is available to whole congregation ministries and their leaders.
Study mode:
  • In-person in the classroom
  • Entire congregation training in church
  • In small groups
Study length:

The cooperation between the congregation and LBC is for one year.

  • Latvian
  • Russian
Distance learning:


Aim of the Program

This program aims to re-imagine the church ministry through the Kingdom lenses and teaches ways to transform the church, to improve relationships, to create hunger for God and His Word, and to impact the community.

Study Process

This program is designed for every church ministry and is aimed at re-imagining the church through the lenses of God’s Kingdom. It helps participants understand the missional nature of the church and to equip them with the necessary tools to engage in missional living and ministry effectively.


Depending on the needs of the church, various ministries will be strengthened. There are separate tracks to help train Sunday School teachers, youth leaders, preachers and upcoming preachers, ministry for the elderly as well as missional preaching for the entire congregation. The schedule for the different tracks is created in consultation with the congregation’s leadership.


Members of the congregation are invited to take part in the other academic programs of the LBC.


Missional Children & Families – 50 academic hours.

Participants first experience spiritual practices for themselves, enjoying God’s presence and hearing God through Scripture throughout the eight modules of the “KidZ at Heart’s Transforming Ministry” training. During each 5-hour training module they will also encounter practical ways to create environments where children can get to know God and apply those same spiritual practices. “KidZ at Heart’s Transforming Ministry” training prepares you to share God’s Word effectively and formationally.


Missional Teenagers & Youth – 50 academic hours.

A strong youth ministry can have a huge impact on your local church and the community  where you live. Even more importantly, a good youth ministry changes lives in very practical  and long-lasting ways. Young people come to faith in Christ, grow in their relationships with  Him, and build long-term patterns of following Jesus. A ministry of healthy young people does not occur automatically. It takes purposeful  leadership and effort.  


Preaching Missionally – in connection with School of Preachers Program.

This program aims to create a culture of excellence in preaching through learning fresh skills, careful reflection on the theory and practice of preaching, and stimulating interaction with other preachers.


Agape Community Ministry to Seniors  – 4 academic hours.

The module talks about the needs of seniors and presents ideas on how to meet those needs.


Missional  Church Service – 12 academic hours.

The whole congregation is exposed to a missionary sermon about the missionary church, how to read the missionary Bible and understand the Kingdom of God. This service also covers the mission of the church, its strategies, principles and methods; helps understand Christian ethics, the purpose of missions and the history of Latvian mission. The members of the congregation will have the opportunity to participate in a hands-on missional outreach. 

Cost of Education

Each separate part of the program has its individual cost.


Missional Preaching – is held in connection with our School of Preachers program.

Missional Workplace – is held in connection with our Christianity, Work and Society program.


*Amounts shown are subject to change.

On-site Students Modules
Registration Fee € 15.00
Missional Children and Families € 10.00 8 modules in total
Missional Teenagers and Youth € 10.00 3 modules in total
Missional Preaching € 40.00 7 modules in total
Agape Ministry to the Seniors € 20.00 1 module in total
Missional Church Service € 20.00 Free for Church members
Missional Workplace € 40.00 9 modules in total

Admission Requirements

Admission is open to any congregation that wants to re-imagine their church through the Kingdom lenses and transform the church, strengthen relationships, and create hunger for God and His Word while transforming the community.


Application process


Applications are open all year long but there is an extensive discussion and negotiation process between the congregation and the LBC to ensure proper expectations and goals are set.


Please fill out the form below by pressing “Apply now” and submit your application. Once received, we will contact you with the next steps.


If you have additional questions about a program that is not listed here, please read the FAQ section on the bottom of the page or fill out an Enquiry Form to receive more information.

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