Type of training:
  • Classroom lectures
  • Video lectures
  • e-Learning resources
  • Handbook
Program is suitable for:
  • This program is designed for Christian workers and professionals of all levels.
Study mode:
  • In-person in the classroom,
  • In small groups.
Study length:

1 year / 108 academic hours

  • Latvian
  • Russian
Distance learning:


Aim of the Program

This program aims to equip participants with the tools and knowledge to balance their faith, work, and family. Courses will enable students to read the Bible with a “marketplace” perspective and help integrate their faith into all areas of life, including professional growth and development.


This program enables Christian workers to biblically understand how their work and workplace are an integral part of the ministry (vocation) that God entrusted to them, and how they can contribute towards a change in the culture and values, relationships and the overall transformation of the workplace.


The “Christianity, Work and Society” study program is offered through a partnership between the Latvian Biblical Centre and the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity.

Study Process

The academic schedule is structured to be manageable and inclusive for all students – single, married, with children, working, attending other schools or educational institutions, those participating in church ministry.


According to the study schedule lectures will take place approximately once a month. You can view the academic schedule here.


After each course, the participants will meet up monthly in study groups to cover the learning material together using e-Learning system and the course handbook. In order to complete this program students should attend scheduled classes, study groups and at the end of the course they will need to write a reflection paper.


All courses are recorded so that those who cannot join the course in person or online can watch it, and it’s a great option for watching the course again. After completing all the courses, students will present their final work with a presentation as a final exam.


Course Duration of the course
Introduction to the Course 3 academic hours
What the Bible Says About Work 8 academic hours
Spiritual Development 8 academic hours
Christian Identity, Work and Society 8 academic hours
Workplace Culture and Values 8 academic hours
Relationship and Cooperation in Organizations 8 academic hours
Family at Work 8 academic hours
Christ at Work 8 academic hours
Academic Writing 8 academic hours
Study topics in Handbook and Moodle 24 academic hours

Cost of Education

On-site Students Listeners
Registration Fee € 15.00 Free
Course Price € 50.00 € 35.00
Program Handbook Free -

*Amounts shown are subject to change.

Completion of Studies

Upon successful completion of the 1-year program students will graduate with a Certificate Of Completion (for students with no previous theological education), or Diploma (for students with previous theological education).


The Latvian Biblical Centre is an adult informal further-educational institution registered at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia. The programme is recognized by the largest Christian denominations in Latvia, but is not yet accredited by the state.

Admission Requirements

Admission is open to anyone who wants to learn more about God’s Word and God’s World. Anyone can attend, but the level of instruction and class assignments will be more appropriate for those who have completed secondary education (general education experience).


If you would like to attend a particular course without taking the whole study program, please fill out this form or write us an email. To ensure that you receive all the necessary information for the course in good time, please email us at least 3-4 working days before the start of the course.

You can check the Academic Timetable here.



Application Process

Applications are open by August 31st of every year.


You will be scheduled for an introductory interview with the LBC director before classes begin.


Please fill out the form below by tapping “Apply now” and submit your application. Once received, we will contact you with the next steps.


If you have additional questions about a program that is not listed here, please read the FAQ section on the bottom of the page or fill out an Enquiry Form to receive more information.

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