Type of training:
  • Individually using prepared Handbooks.
    Printed or digital via e-Learning.
Program is suitable for:
  • Those who want to understand what Christianity is and what it means to be a Christian.
  • Those who are taking their first steps in Christianity and want to know and learn more about it.
Study mode:
  • Individually
  • In Study Groups – only for Latvian and Russian.
Study length:

Optimally within 1 to 1,5 years

  • English
  • Latvian
  • Russian
Distance learning:
  • Only via Distance Learning

Aim of the Program

This program is created to provide foundation in the Christian faith and equip participants with the tools they need to grow in their relationship with God.

Study Process

Unleash your potential and lead the way in your education experience with our self-paced Distance Learning Program.


Our materials not only supply information and content but also pose thought-provoking questions to test your comprehension and encourage deeper understanding. The questions can be found at the end of each lesson and can also serve as discussion topics when studying with someone or group.


The lessons are divided into two parts. Once the first part is completed, the student is asked to take the final test for that part, which can be found at the end of the book.


Once both tests have been completed, from the printed material, the student must complete and return the last two pages of the book so that they can be examined and the student can receive the result. For eLearning students, the test must be completed in the system.


It is possible to obtain the printed book (only in Latvian and Russian) and access to the e-Learning system. This allows students to study from the handbook and take the tests online.


“Your new life”

A 10-session course on what does it mean to be a Christian? What changes when you become a Christian? What do you do after you have responded to God’s call and invited Christ to be Lord and Saviour of your life?


“When you pray”

A 7-lesson course on the importance of prayer in the Christian life and how to pray?


“Your Bible”

A 6-session course that will introduce you to the Bible and help you study it to understand God’s perspective on things and circumstances.


“Who is Jesus”

A 10-session course that reveals what the Bible says through prophecy and the New Testament about Jesus, who was 100% God and 100% man.


“The Gospel of John”

An 11-lesson course that will help you study one of the four Gospels in depth to find answers to spiritual questions, strengthen your faith, and get to know God and the person of Jesus better. You will better understand why Jesus had to come to earth, and understand other truths of faith.


“How to Study the Bible”

An 8-session course that will introduce you to methods for studying the Scriptures. You will see how to study the text, how to approach topical study in order to better understand what you read and how to apply the knowledge you gain to your faith life.

Cost of Education

For e-Learning students – € 15.00 per course.

Printed Handbooks  – € 15.00 per course.


*Amounts shown are subject to change.

Completion of the Studies

When tests are passed successfully, a certificate is issued confirming successful completion of the program.


The Latvian Bible Centre is an adult non-formal further education institution registered with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia. The program is recognized by the major denominations in Latvia but is not yet accredited by the state.

Admission Requirements

There are no requirements for this program, everyone can apply at any time.

Application process

For Latvian and Russian students – Please fill out the form below by tapping “Apply now” and submit your application. Once received, we will contact you with the next steps.

For English students  – LBC provides these courses with partnership of Global University (GU). To complete Christian Foundation courses in English, please visit the GU website.


If you have additional questions about a program that is not listed here, please read the FAQ section on the bottom of the page or fill out an Enquiry Form to receive more information.

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