Type of training:
  • Video lectures
  • Presentations
  • Handouts
  • Literature
Program is suitable for:
  • Those who want to become leaders in local churches and/or managers in organizations.
Study mode:
  • Individual
Coursework duration:

3 years



Distance learning:

Only via distance learning.

Aim of the Program

The program’s main purpose is to provide an introduction to Christian theology, history and practice, and to train students to face the challenges associated with leading churches and volunteer organizations.


The Norwegian School of Leadership and Theology (HLT), in cooperation with LBC, offers an opportunity to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and Leadership.

The (Høyskolen for Ledelse og Teologi – HLT) is an interdenominational evangelical school of theology.

Here is a detailed description about the program on the NLT home page.

Study Process

  • Module System: the students take one course at a time and each course takes 6 weeks.
  • Online videos: the students are able to watch video-recorded classes from HLT’s student webpage while following the syllabus and associated reading materials for each course.
  • Online meetings with lecturers: for each course the students meet up with a lecturer online to discuss any issues regarding the current course, including the writing of an essay or an exam for the course.
  • Guided readings: the course syllabus provides a bibliography for the students to read as a supplement to class material.
  • Access to online theological library: the students will have access to an online library for course readings and for essay writing.
  • Access to LBC’s library on campus: LBC provides access to most books required for each of the courses. Students also have access to supplemental reading material outside their coursework packet.
  • LBC student support: LBC provides administrative and academic support for students.
  • Essay-based evaluation: majority of course evaluation is essay-based, but some courses may have a take-home exam. Course syllabus provides an explanation on the type of evaluation required at the end of each course.

Program's Coursework

  • Bible and Interpretation.
  • The History of Christianity and Confessional Identities.
  • Dogmatics and Spirituality.
  • NT Exegesis: Advanced Studies in Luke and Paul.
  • Global and Pentecostal Perspectives on Mission.
  • Introduction to Applied Theology.
  • Communication and Preaching.
  • Conflict Management.
  • Volunteer Leadership and Church Administration.
  • Culture and Change.
  • The Church and Healing.
  • Internship.
  • World Religions and Religious Education.
  • Social Analysis and Ethics.
  • New Testament Theology.
  • Christian Initiation (Faith, Baptism, and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit).
  • Value-based Transformational Leadership in Organizations.
  • Relational Leadership and Team Development.

For more details on the curriculum and course description see here.

Cost of Education

The LBC administration fee is EUR 60 (one-time), and EUR 30/year for the following two years.

Students applying through LBC receive a discount from the price announced on the HLT website.


*Amounts shown are subject to change.

Completion of Studies

In order to graduate, the students must attend 75% of each course (this does not apply to distance learning students) and pass every essay/exam. If a student fails a course, they will be able to re-take the essay or exam.

Admission Requirements

  • High school Diploma (12th grade). Education before y. 2000: Secondary school certificate or Diploma of Secondary Vocational Education (General upper secondary education).
  • Education after y. 2000: General secondary school certificate or Diploma of vocational secondary education.
  • Language requirements: 7 years of English from school OR 1 year of studying abroad in English OR TOEFL Certificate. The students with no English qualifications, should pass TOEFL exam.


Mid-August of each year. The specific date will be provided to the students in due time.



  • The Degree is validated by the Norwegian Government and is under the Bologna Agreement (The Bologna Agreement is an Academic Agreement between the countries of the European Union. Official webpage of Bologna agreement).
  • The Latvian Academic Information Centre confirmed that the degrees given by the Norwegian School of Leadership and Theology are accredited.

Application Process

  1. The annual application period runs from December 15th to April 1st. 
  2. Please fill out the Enquiry form below and submit your application to LBC. Once received, we will contact you and confirm the next steps.
  3. Notice of admission gets distributed in the spring of each year. A specific date will be provided in due time.


If you want to apply or have additional questions please fill out the Enquiry / Application Form.

Enquiry & Application Form