How did the materials reach us?


In today’s age of technology and search engines, it is both easy and difficult to find information. We were found by the right people with valuable information!

It all began on 8 March 2023, when we received an email from a woman previously unknown to us, Audrey Nelson from the USA, with the following content:




I am the person who discovered 13 letters from Juris Fetler. He was a penpal of my husband’s aunt from 1937-1941 when he was a teenager.

I have finalized my plans to visit Riga April 2nd-6th and I was suggested to reach out to you to arrange a tour of the Fetler’s museum at the Latvian Biblical Center you are connected with.

Please let me know if it is a possibility to meet with you and/or to tour the museum.  I am also hoping to tour the Salvation Temple Church, if possible.


I am so looking forward to being in Riga very soon!

Hope and Joy Always,

Audrey Nelson.”


Sometime later, we suddenly received a phone call from Astrid Holm, she is Robert Fetler’s granddaughter. It turned out that Astrid previously corresponded with Audrey Nelson, who in turn invited and asked her to visit the William Fetler’s Museum at LBC together with her.


Eventually, in a phone call, Astrid expressed her willingness to come and meet us before Audrey’s visit and to give us some Fetler’s family heirlooms. Later we met Audrey and Astrid and had a wonderful and interesting time together at LBC and Salvation Temple Church.


In this miraculous way, we received many original photographs and portraits from the Fetler’s family archives, which are in this showcase.


Enjoy the history in pictures!



Donations by Robert Fetler’s granddaughter Astrid Holma